Charles Meunier gets married in front of his brother, Benoni, and other relatives.

source: Drouin collection, Ancestry

On July 5th, 1811, Charles Meunier and Julie Collet were married by Antoine Gagnon, a Missionary Priest, in the presence of Benoni Meunier, brother of the bridegroom, and Stanlislas Collet brother [of Julie], Julien Collet also brother of the wife, as well as many other relatives and friends of the bridegroom, who with them were all declared unable to sign [their names]. This was entered in a church register for Baie des Vents, in the parish of Stella Maris, Escuminac.. It is this sole document that tells us how Benoni Meunier links into the Meunier family.

Now, if only we knew the names of the Meunier relatives so vaguely referenced!

Marguerite Meunier’s baptism and the baptisms of three of John Baptist Miller and Elizabeth Gray’s children were also found in the registers for Baie des Vents.



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