Charles Meunier confirmed after marriage.

source: from the Drouin collection, Ancestry

This confirmation entry basically says, the Persons confirmed by the Grandeur Monsignor Joseph-Octave Plessis, Bishop of Quebec, in the course of his Episcopal visit to the Baie des Vents.” Dated January 19, 1812.
Ant. Gagnon, P.M.

This entry includes the confirmations of fifteen people:


Mazerolle, Paul
Mazerolle, Jean Roman
Mazerolle, Michel
Meunier, Charles


??nier , Marie
Mazerolle, Marie Margaret
Mazerolle, Marie Marthe
Mazerolle, Marie Madeleine
Martin, Marguerite [Mazerolle, Marguerite]
Martin,, Marie Esther
Mercure, Marie Josephte
Hebert, Genevieve
Thibodeau, Marie Josephte
Thibodeau, Marguerite
Vincent, Osithee

The Missionary Priest, Antoine Gagnon, confirmed the event with his signature and it was recorded in the registers of Baie des Vents. The record can be found within the parish records for Stella Maris, Escuminac in the Drouin collection.

Generally, the records within the digital Drouin collection are well indexed, and on Ancestry, allow for user-submitted corrections or additions to the indexes. This confirmation, however, is a type of record there is no index for and the page was scanned upside down.



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