Some statistics and a call for YDNA

There is a lingering question if our common forebear is a descendant of one of the Quebec Meuniers. We are working on finding an answer. So far, we have identified some descendants of Methurin Meunier and Andre Mignier dit Legace have YDNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA. We do not match them. We are keeping a list of the founding Canadian (Quebec and Acadia) Meunier fathers and monitoring status of YDNA testers for their lines.

The current count of Miller and Meunier men in the FamilyTreeDNA database stands at 3304 and 11, respectively. Our family’s YDNA doesn’t align with any of them.




Are you eligible for a YDNA test?


Are you a male descendant with the last name Miller or Meunier?  If so, we need your help. A project goal is to include YDNA testing representatives for all sons of our ‘brick wall” forebears to make a complete ancestor profile. We are currently seeking direct male line Meunier and Miller descendants of the following sons of Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert:

  • Charles Meunier (m. Julie Collet)
  • Jérõme Meunier (m. Anatalie Bastarache)

All Miller and Meunier relatives, male and female, are welcome and encouraged to join the project using a “Family Finder” autosomal DNA test.

For more information please contact one of the project admins.



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