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Our Miller Meunier Family: Exploring our heritage

Are you a descendant of the Acadian Meunier or Miller family? Are you a direct male line descendant carrying the surname? Many family researchers wonder about the origins of our forebears. Was the Meunier progenitor living in Acadie before the Deportation and Le Grand Dérangement? Did he arrived in New Brunswick from Quebec or France? Was he from somewhere else? DNA testing helps to break down the barriers, but, we need your help.


Are you eligible to join the family DNA project? An Invitation.

The family project is only interested in the Miller and Meunier lines for cluster DNA research. By taking this approach with our YDNA and aDNA, it allows us to focus on our shared genetics to learn more about our ancestry and get beyond breaks in the paper trail. Our DNA guides us in the right direction to discover more. The only criteria required to participate in the project is to be blood-related to Jean Meunier’s line, and to supply a pedigree. By joining this project, you will connect with relatives who have also tested, and you’ll have the ability to work directly with each other. Everyone who joins benefits from participation. And, everyone in the project plays an equal and important role because it is the collection of our DNA that makes the project successful.

What does YDNA results say about this family? 37 and 67 marker YDNA test results show a perfect match to tested descendants. Our family testers do not match to anyone, of any surname at all, outside of each other at 37 and 67 markers.

Are you eligible for a YDNA test?

Are you a male descendant with the last name Miller or Meunier?  If so, we need your help. A project goal is to include YDNA testing representatives for all sons of our ‘brick wall” forebears to make a complete ancestor profile. We are currently seeking direct male line Meunier and Miller descendants of the following sons of Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert:

  • Charles Meunier (m. Julie Collet)
  • Jérõme Meunier (m. Anatalie Bastarache)


The project accepts YDNA and “Finder Finder” aDNA testers

MIHC -FTDNA- YDNA- direct line
YDNA only traces the surname line.

The recommended level of YDNA test is at least the 37 marker, preferably the 67 marker, for males carrying the Miller or Meunier surname, or a variation of it. The YDNA test only picks up DNA from the direct paternal line, nothing else. The “Family Finder” aDNA test, however, picks up any inherited DNA coming down to you from all branches of your ancestry. For the “Family Finder” aDNA test, it is highly advisable to test your oldest living relative who descends on the Miller / Meunier branch of the family as they are genetically closest to the ancestors. A participating tester can be male or female, and they need not carry the project surname for doing a “Family Finder” test.:

all ancestry
men and women can take an autosomal DNA test

Have you DNA tested with Ancestry(v1), or with 23andme(v3)? If so, you can easily transfer your results and join our family’s project.

If you are a descendant of one of these two families, please consider joining.

We are the pioneering generation using genetic technology to learn about our family history. By taking a collaborative approach, we will discover more about our shared heritage and do our part in setting the records straight. We will leave this legacy for our future generations.

-Krista & Bob
Project Administrators