Jean Meunier

Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert married sometime before 1787. Nothing is known about his background and he died sometime after 1831, probably in Bouctouche. His wife, Magdeleine, was baptised in 1763 in Bellechasse, Quebec and died in 1802. Her burial ceremony entry reads, “…Magdalen Hébert wife of John Meunier buried in the church yard of the Bartibogue dead…” According to various records, and at various times, the Meuniers were noted as residents in Miramichi, Bouctouche, Baie des Ouines, and, also, Point aux Chênes, all being communities on the eastern shore of New Brunswick.

Jean and Magdeleine had several children. Here is some information about them, noting the source that names their parents, or otherwise showing a connection to another family member.

  1. Jean Baptiste, baptized May 11, 1788, at age nine months. This record indicates he is the son of Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert. Sponsors being Louis Alin[sic] and Marie Hébert. Miramichi. Ant. Girouard, missionary priest at Baie des Chaleurs.  Recorded in the St Pierre’s parish register, Caraquet. No further information.
  2. Charles, born about April, 1789 and baptized on June 17, 1789, at age two months. The register affirms his parents were Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert.
    Jean Hébert and Genevieve Thibodeau being the witnesses. Ant. Girouard, Missionary Priest of Baie des Chaleurs.  Recorded in the St Pierre’s parish register, Caraquet. In 1811, Baie des Ouines, Charles, being a resident of the village, married to Julie Collet, of Bouctouche. Jean Hébert, Bénoni Meûnier, Stanislas Collet and others were witnesses. The event is registered in Escuminac.
    Son, Marcel, claimed his father was born in France.
  3. Jérõme, born approximately 1799. He married in 1831 to Anatalie Bastarache [dit Basque] at Richibucto Village. The parish record states he was a resident of Bouctouche and the son of Jean Meunier of the said parish and Magdeleine Hébert. Wedding sponsors were Charles LeBlanc, Eloi LeBlanc, and Placide Bastarache. He died at about age seventy three, in 1872 and was interred in the de la Visitation cemetery.
  4. Magdeleine was probably born about 1800. Married November 12, 1821, in Richibucto Village, to Jean Baptiste Thibodeau. The priest noted she was the minor daughter of Jean Meunier, consentant, and Magdeleine Hébert, of Bouctouche. A Jean Meunier stood witness.
  5. Joseph, born about 1801. Married 1832, in Richibucto Village, to Hélene Thibodeau. The parish entry states he was a resident of Kagibougouet, a son of majority age of Jean Meunier and Magdeleine Hébert, of Baie du Vin. Placide Poirier and [Josephte?] Richard were the sponsors.
    Son, Béloni, claimed his father was born in France.
  6. Bénoni, various online trees claim he was born about 1794 and died in Bartibogue on June 1, 1816. I’ve been unsuccessful finding the records to substantiate these details. So far, the only identified record that references Bénoni Meûnier is the marriage record of Charles Meunier to Julie Collet. He is listed as a brother and a witness to the groom. [Notes on Benoni: An alternate first name for Benoni may be Benjamin. It is also possible Benoni is not another child, but, rather, an alternate name for another of the known sons.]