John Baptist Miller

John Baptist Miller and Elizabeth Gray, residents of Glenelg, were married by banns in the Fall of 1844 at St Michael’s church “with the consent of friends.” Witnesses to the ceremony were Daniel Buckley and Margaret Kerr.

source: Ancestry

In the 1851 and 1861 census schedules, John and his family were farming in Glenelg and Hardwick, in Baie des Ouines. By 1871, his wife, Elizabeth, was a widow.

John and Elizabeth had five known children: three sons and two daughters:

  1. John, born in August of 1846 and baptized at seven weeks of age, Miramichi. The sponsors were James Butler and Eliza Holland. He appears to have died before the 1851 census enumeration as he is not listed with the family or found in any future records. The family welcomes another son named John in 1851.
  2. Bridget was born in 1848 and baptized at four months old, at the same church. Her sponsors were James Dunn and Catherine Holland. She married Edward Quine and they moved to Maine. Eventually, they found their way to San Francisco. On some records, Bridget sometimes claimed her father was born in France.
    Note: a David Duplessis was the godfather to her son, James.
  3. John, born in 1851 and baptized October 20, 1853, in Baie des Ouines, with his younger brother, James, and the event was registered in the books at Stella Maris parish, Escuminac. The sponsors were the officiating priest, SS Hugh McQuirk [McGuirk], and Margaret “Ersetto” [probably Arseneault]. John wed Mary Hartery and they soon followed his sister, Bridget, to Maine.
    Note: a William “Lugier” [probably Legere] was the godfather to daughter, Margaret.
  4. James was baptized on the same day with his older brother, John, in Baie des Ouines and the event was registered in the books at Stella Maris parish, Escuminac. He was fifteen months old. The sponsors being Thomas Carroll and Margaret Carroll, their neighbors. He married Margaret Monaghan and they lived in Chatham. He, too, sometimes claimed his father was born in France.
  5. A. Charlotte was born in 1859. She was baptized at six weeks old in Baie des Ouines, recorded in the parish books at Escuminac. John Donalds[sic] and Ellen Buckley were the sponsors to the event. She disappears from records after the 1871 census enumeration.