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Who are the Acadians? Read First Acadians, The Acadians – Timeline and the Acadians.

Acadian Heartland
Records of the Deportation and Le Grand Dérangement, 1714-1768.

Returning the Voices to Kouchibouguac.
In 1969 residents of the Kouchibouguac region were forcibly evicted for the creation of a national park. (be sure to watch the videos to learn some of their personal stories)

A summary on the origins of Bouctouche and its first known Acadians, Charlitte LeBlanc and Francois LeBlanc, who arrived in 1785.

History of the province of New Brunswick.

Acadiensis – history of Atlantic Canada.

Journal of New Brunswick Studies.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

The Héritage project.

CyberAcadie – Acadian History

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michaud bouctouche.png

Michaud, Marguerite. La Reconstruction Française Au Nouveau-Brunswick: Bouctouche, Paroisse-Type. Fredericton, N.B., University Press, 1955.